How do they call us? Y, Z or Millennials? Simply we just listen. They never let us speak. But let’s try. We’re the generation of broken dreams.

We were raised in a better world which turned out to be nonexistent. It was sad that we were living in the progress.

When you’re a kid you’re progressing every single day-you’re growing so everything is a perpetual progression to something new, to something bigger. Now we are twenty-something and the utopia ends here.

It’s like watching a football game. We are just a public of anonymous. We are not playing.

We can swear (and we do it with a lot of success) or we can laugh through the tears.

But this is our frustration- never having a right moment to do something. Never having an opportunity.

We are making big goals for ourselves. But it’s not enough.

I want this blog to be optimistic. Together we can create a new lifestyle which is based on respecting our planet-people, animals and nature.

Let’s create a community that could really change our world.